CryptBond Network is an application designed for the fast growing Crypto and Blockchain Technology that allows the users/investors to invest in any micro or macro businesses around the World using the Ethereum Smart Contract Crowd Funding to help small businesses to raise and to have more capital and assets.

CryptBond Network main objective is to remove the gap between the possible Investors and Legal Businesses that lacks of capital or assets to make their business grow, In return if the business takes place and manage to grow their businesses then the investor invested money will follow to grow as well.

We also ensure that the users and businesses that uses the CryptoBond Network are all legitimate and legal business to protect the investment of all of our investors and prevent them from funding or investing to Scam Businesses.

Our System Developers and Process Managers are dedicated to improve more the system, We're also aiming to create other platform (EOS, BTC, Waves and many more) and realease our CryptBond Network Wallet this December 2019.

Benefits of CryptBond Network


Through the blockchain technology and CryptBond Network, we make your crypto and fiat transaction more efficient and effective.


Decentralize Exchange using Ethereum Blockchain technology that ensures secure and valid transations.


CryptBond is not owned by any central authority; it is controlled by users and validators (stakers) on the network. Through staking, token holders can validate transactions and earn fees.

    Join and receive CryptBond token for FREE!

  •     1. 50,000 CryptBond to be given away for every submission of airdrop form.
  •     2. You will be given 5,000 CryptBond token for every referral.
  •     3. CryptBond token will be sent to your Ethereum Wallet Address.
  •     4. Multiple entries will be voided.
  •     5. Use only Ethereum Wallet Address (Do not use exchange Eth Address).

    1,000,000 CryptBond token for the Video Contest Winner!

  •     - Send us your video regarding CryptBond Network Solution and win Cryptbond Tokens.
  •     - All video sender will be given 100,000 CryptBond token.
  •     - Video must be atleast 2-3 minutes and in (AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4) format.
  •     - Send us your Video Contest entry at together with your Ethereum Address (ERC 20).

Powered by Ethereum Plasma

Plasma is a proposed framework for incentivized and enforced execution of smart contracts which is scalable to a significant amount of state updates per second (potentially billions) enabling the blockchain to be able to represent a significant amount of decentralized financial applications worldwide. These smart contracts are incentivized to continue operation autonomously via network transaction fees, which is ultimately reliant upon the underlying blockchain (e.g. Ethereum) to enforce transactional state transitions.

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